1. Simple Robot platform

This is a very simple robot platform to make your BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black moving around on its own.

You'll need these parts:
Step 1: Cut out the wheels and body from the cardboard. Use a CD or similar to get the round shape.

Step 2: Glue the servo horns onto the cardboard wheels:

Step 3: Mount the servo horn on the servo

Step 4: Mount the servos onto the bottom side of the main body cardboard piece. Use glue, tape or strips like here:
(bottom side shown)

Step 5: Add a coaster to the back of the cardboard body piece. Any object will do, as long as it slides easily in all directions on the surfaces you plan to run on:

Step 6: Wire the servos to the BeagleBone and to one of the 12v USB chargers.
  • Servo red wire -> USB charger +
  • Servo white wire -> BeagleBone PWM pin (e.g. P9_14 and P9_21)
  • Servo black wire -> Both to BeagleBone GND pin and USB charger GND (-) pin
    (you need to make the black wire a Y-cable)

Step 7: Connect the BeagleBone to the other USB charger using the standard BeagleBone USB cable

Step 8: Mount the batteries, the BeagleBone and the USB chargers onto the main body piece:

Voila, done! :-)